Prom Information

There are two distinct activities going on May 7th, 2016.

Prom – the actual dance – is a school sponsored event.
It is intended as an honorary event hosted by Juniors for Seniors. Paige Sowers,, is the Prom sponsor at the school, and can answer questions for you on this. The financial responsibility to attend Prom is $20 for each student who is attending. Those who sold magazine in the fall may not have to pay if they sold enough magazines. This money is used for facility rental, decorations, refreshments, etc.

After Prom is a parent sponsored event
. It is intended to allow Juniors/Seniors and their dates to continue their Prom celebration in a safe, fun and supervised environment. After prom is funded by student donations, corporate donations and fundraiser events throughout the year. The cost for each GCHS Junior and Senior student to attend After Prom is $35. Juniors and Seniors are both asked to pay but this amount may have been decreased if your student participated in the After Prom fundraiser. (We do not ask for donations from out of town guests or underclassmen). Everyone in attendance has an opportunity to participate in games and activities. Juniors and Seniors only are eligible to win prizes (all Juniors & Seniors will win at least one item). The After Prom Committee provides food and entertainment all night for the students. Kris Clark is the After Prom contact if you have any questions. or 712-527-9976.

After Prom 2016

Attention: GCHS Juniors & Seniors and their Parents

The After Prom party will be held May 7th, (11:30 pm until 4 a.m.) at the High School. As in the past, there is a charge to attend the After Prom party which is $35.00 for each Junior and Senior. Please print and complete this form and mail it to the After Prom treasurer or return it to the HS school office along with your payment by April 27th. Accurate participant counts are needed as soon as possible in order to arrange for Food and Prizes! We are also in need of parents that can assist with the event so please mark the box below and your calendars if you are able to help out. It is a great time. We are really looking forward to a fun filled night. Thanks so much! 

Make checks payable to Glenwood After Prom

Return form & payment to:

or drop off in the High School office


Student’s Name: ________________________________________________________

Parent’s Name: _________________________________________________________

o Yes, I would like to help the night of After Prom (May 7th & May 8th)

Home Phone: ________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Questions: contact Kris Clark @ 712-527-9976 or